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Application for Seed Variety Sub License

The information that you have provided us constitutes business information that is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use and disclosure of your business information, please contact Mark MacNaughton, Director, Field Crop Development Centre at MMacNaughton@OldsCollege.ca

For Sub license of exclusive rights to multiply, market and distribute a new variety developed by the Olds College Field Crop Development Centre (OCFCDC).

Variety Tested as*
*Variety name to be determined

Identity of Applicant

Contact Name*


Requested Initial Term:*
Automatic Renewal Period:*

Royalty and Payment

The Applicant proposes the following compensation and royalty structure to acquire the marketing and distribution rights to the variety:

% , $ / tonne , Variety Use Agreement, other

If an application is successful, the successful Applicant will be required, as a term of any resulting Sub license, to submit a production and marketing report to OCFCDC by December 31 each year of the same calendar year, summarizing Pedigree Seed sales and marketing for the previous crop season, and will include comparisons to the Production and Marketing Plan included with initial application. It will also be a Sub license requirement for any successful Applicant that royalties for the same time period will be collected and submitted between on or before December 31st of the same calendar year.

Distribution Area

The Applicant proposes distribution of the Variety in the following areas (check all that apply; please provide details in the Production and Marketing Plan required under Additional Information):*

Breeder Seed

OCFCDC will have Breeder Seed available at a price of $25.00/kg.

The amount of Breeder Seed the Applicant wishes OCFCDC to make available:

kg of Breeder Seed in the initial year of release; and

kg of Breeder Seed anticipated in following years.

Production and Marketing

All Applicants must upload a Production and Marketing Plan (below). Applications will be judged in part on this plan, which must address the following:

  1. A plan for Pedigree seed multiplication for the Variety, including:
    1. the number and location of growers increasing the initial Breeder seed
    2. expected market entry date and volume of Certified seed
    3. Projected acres for seed production in the first 5 years

  2. A plan for marketing and development of the Variety, including:
    1. promoting and advertising the Variety
    2. intended market and detailed target distribution area, including regional, provincial, national, and international sales points
    3. fit within Applicant portfolio
    4. further research
    5. benefit to Alberta and western Canada

  3. A summary of the Applicant’s experience and resources, including:
    1. demonstrated Pedigree seed production and marketing, previous licenses with OCFCDC, or marketing of similar varieties
    2. previous successful promotion campaigns for Pedigree seed sale in Canada and elsewhere
    3. most recent annual report, or if unavailable, balance sheet for most recent fiscal year

Method to Submit Documents
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If you are uploading more than one file, please submit them as a compressed (zip) folder.

Please email your files directly to FCDC@oldscollege.ca



Additional Information

Additional Costs:


Additional costs include: 

  1. OCFCDC will be responsible for the following costs: 
    1. Variety Registration Fees
    2. Plant Breeders’ Rights Application Fees

  2. A successful Applicant will be responsible for the following costs under any resulting license:
    1. Plant Breeders’ Rights Inspection Fees
    2. Plant Breeders’ Rights Certificate Issue
    3. Annual maintenance fee for Plant Breeders’ Rights
    4. Costs associated with Plant Variety Protection if applied for
    5. Provincial variety performance trials, including the first year of testing
    6. Purchase and shipping of Breeder Seed


Deadline for Application Submission

This application and supporting materials will be considered if received no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Late applications will not be accepted.


Application Review and Sub License Process (for successful applicants)

After the Application deadline identified above, OCFCDC will review completed Applications and supporting materials and advise the successful Applicant.

  1. The information in this Application and submitted Production and Marketing Plan will be considered, and OCFCDC will not necessarily choose the Application with the highest projected financial return.
  2. OCFCDC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

The successful Applicant will be offered the opportunity to enter into a Seed Variety Sub License for the Variety, to be developed by OCFCDC and the Applicant based upon the information in this Application and supporting Production and Marketing Plan. The Sub license is expected to substantially be in the form of OCFCDC's standard Seed Variety Sub License. A successful application result does not mean all terms as set out in the application will form part of any resulting Sub license. OCFCDC reserves the right to require modification of certain terms without any requirement to notify or offer the same terms to any Applicant that was not successful. A successful application does not guarantee that a resulting Seed Variety Sub License will be entered into. The Sub license is subject to satisfactory negotiation and agreement between the parties in a timely manner.

Statement of Certification

I certify the following:

  1. I am the Applicant or a person duly authorized to make this Application on behalf of the Applicant;
  2. I have authority to commit the Applicant to the contents of this Application and this certification;
  3. I understand and agree to the application process set out in this Application;
  4. The Applicant understands that if this Application is successful there is no guarantee of any resulting Seed Variety Sub License;
  5. The Applicant is not aware of any conflict of interest or any apparent conflict of interest on the part of the Applicant in relation to the activities that are material to this Application;
  6. The Applicant has made full, true and plain disclosure to the OCFCDC of all facts relating to the activities that are material to this Application;
  7. The information provided in this Application is, to the best of the Applicant's knowledge, complete, true and correct.

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